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iheart Resilience and Wellbeing Programme

Do you know a child who is struggling?

I am a certified and licensed Innate Health Education and Resilience Training (iheart) tutor and facilitator, and I offer a tailored ten hour wellbeing programme to young people (9-18 years), in one to one sessions and to very small groups. This is available both in-person and online and can be scheduled in a variety of formats.


The iheart Resilience and Wellbeing Programme offers a unique, valuable and transformative resilience curriculum for young people; offering hope, empowerment and life-changing mental health input to thousands of young people all around the world.

Now more than ever, young people need our help. 

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What is resilience tutoring?

We learn how to navigate:

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Group of Friends

Your child will learn...

and then discover for themselves:

  • how their psychological system works

  • how they have everything they need inside

  • how to recognise when they are on track and off track

  • what the root of their anxiety, stress, anger, overthinking, etc is and;

  • how these feelings drop away

  • how they can recognise when they are further away from their wellbeing and how this insightful knowledge auto-corrects their route

  • what to do when they feel stuck

  • the importance of challenging what they are learning so they can see for themselves whether or not it is true

A little introduction to iheart...

How iheart is making a difference

The change for your child:

  • more perspective and clarity

  • greater confidence and self respect

  • access to their own wisdom

  • become more creative about problems

  • more secure with themselves in spite of life's difficulties

  • more able to bounce back from challenges

  • able to navigate issues with friends and manage bullying

  • more able to manage difficult feelings

  • more able to self regulate

  • a deep insightful understanding of where challenging emotions come from, and how they drop away

Teenagers in Nature

Get support for your child

How does it work?

Tutoring includes 10 live one hour sessions (spread over 10 weeks or condensed into a school holiday).

They can be one-to-one or in a small group (3-5 people), in person or online. Each session consists of fun experiments and activities, discussions, games, videos and animations.


The tutoring package also includes access to a complimentary 10 week online parents' course “Creating Resilient Families”, which can be watched and completed at leisure. Helping you to help your child.


This curriculum is transformative, hopeful and empowering.Whether your child is currently struggling or thriving, the insights your child gains will support them for the rest of their lives.

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Mae Karthauser - about me

I began working in mental health twelve years ago as a facilitator with CAP UK (Child Assault Prevention). In small teams we worked in schools (nursery, primary and secondary) delivering empowering workshops with to children and young people teaching them about their rights to safety, strength and freedom. I also delivered child protection training to parents and primary school teaching staff.


I have always been passionate about mental wellbeing and have spent my life passionately exploring psychology, philosophy and spiritual growth. When I came across the foundations of this learning back in 2018 my life changed forever. 

No one ever told me I had everything I needed inside. When I was young I thought that difficult feelings meant something about me fundamentally; that I was doing badly, evidence that I was not good enough and I needed to improve, change, try harder. 

I wish I'd had the chance to learn about my innate wellbeing and resilience when I was a child. This is the missing link in our education that bridges the gap between us merely coping with life's challenges, and thriving despite them.


Children and young people need help during these times of challenge. This important course offers focussed attention where it is needed, to reduce the mental health strain. We know that young people are struggling and turning to medication to help them manage difficult feelings, social pressures, anxiety, and addiction. And most heartbreakingly, each month there are record numbers of young people that society is losing.

But there is such hope. 

This is the vital and positive input needed to respond to our mental health crisis; to create healthy, confident young people. All young people deserve to find their own inner voice and learn how it is possible to navigate life gracefully and to learn.


I would love all young people to discover their own inner power, wisdom and resilience that can be their companion throughout life's challenges. To be able to navigate conflict, outside pressure, sibling rivalry, to find empowerment around exam stress, family discord and ultimately to discover that can actually thrive during these trying times...


Option 1: 
Small Group Resilience Tutoring Package =  £200*
A place in a small group of between 3 - 5 students. This includes the complete programme: all 10 hour tutoring sessions of the iheart Resilience and Wellbeing Programme and additional materials, and including the complimentary 10 hour “Creating Resilient Families” parents course. This works out as roughly £10 per hour. 

Option 2: ​
Tailored One-to-One Resilience Tutoring Package =  £500*
This includes  all 10 sessions of the iheart Resilience and Wellbeing Programme, plus all additional materials, and including the complimentary 10 hour “Creating Resilient Families” parents course. This works out as about £25 per hour. 

Parents and carers can choose to join their child for the weekly tutoring sessions at no extra cost to add value to the tutoring experience. Discount available for siblings within the same family. 
* These prices have been set to the standard local authority banding for one-to-one and small group mental health support in communities.

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